About HANA


The Historic Arlington Neighborhood Association, HANA, is committed to building a vibrant community by preserving the historic character of the neighborhood, fostering community spirit, and increasing civic awareness for its residents.

HANA is a not-for-profit geographically based organization serving approximately 600 households governed by a volunteer board of community members.

HANA serves as an advocate for the best interests of the community by engaging in the following endeavors:

Enhancing community welfare
Promoting historic district character
Disseminating pertinent civic information
Serving as a sounding board for relevant concerns of members
Organizing social activities
Providing a neighborhood referral source
Representing HANA at village meetings
HANA’s success is directly attributable to its residents’ participation, support and involvement.


The Beginning

It all began around 1979, when a developer planned to build an 18-story high rise at Evergreen and Miner streets. An organized effort to stop the development began, and involved Sue Trinka - a future HANA president.

To build, the developer needed the land occupied by an Illinois Bell parking lot. But, Illinois Bell would only sell the land if the developer could find a new location for the parking lot.

The developer's plan was to purchase two homes that were currently for sale, on St. James street, between Vail and Chestnut. He was going to demolish the two homes, get the land rezoned, and put the new parking lot right in the middle of a residential area!
After time, the developer's plan was defeated, and the developer was forced to sell the now decaying houses. The houses were purchased by two sisters and their families, renovated and remodeled. They still stand as great examples of what can be accomplished when people work together.

It was because of the deep concern for the neighborhood that a few people go together and looked into the possibility of a permanent neighborhood association.


In the spring of 1980, the Historic Arlington Neighborhood Association (HANA) was formed. You might be interested to know that some of the other names considered were Old Arlington, Old Village Community Association, Old Arlington Neighborhood Association, and Village Old Town Association.

The first official activity was a march in the 4th of July parade. The first general meeting was held in November of 1980, and in February of 1981, the Association's constitution was presented and passed in the Dunton Room of the Arlington Heights Memorial Library.

In March of 1981, HANA sponsored a Candidate Forum in which all candidates for Village office were invited to speak.

More Developer Funny Business

Early in 1981, survey work at the closed well site at Hawthorne and Chestnut brought to HANA's attention the fact that the Village planned to sell the land to a developer to build 2 houses.

HANA discussed with the Village and Park District the possibility of instead developing a small park on the land, and a formal presentation was made in March of 1981. The Village and Park District agreed. Many groups of neighbors were involved in the subsequent design of the park, and the Festival Committee made a grant of $15,000 to get things started. As a show of gratitude, the park was named Festival Park.

Playground equipment was purchased, a carpenter build the gazebo, and the Park District contributed a lot of time in laying bricks and putting in tables and the water fountain.

In the years that followed, HANA became heavily involved in the Village's discussions of its Comprehensive Plan, and succeeded in getting the HANA neighborhood excluded from the R-6 Zoning that would have allowed multi-family uses instead of just single family homes.


Membership in HANA is simply by virtue of where you live. There is nothing to sign up for - if you are within the boundaries that HANA represents, you are a member of HANA and we are working for you!

The boundaries for HANA are outlined in the map below.


Dues are $20 per year per family. Since this is a completely voluntary organization, dues are optional as well, but extremely critical since HANA is completely self-funded.  

Everything that HANA does is for its members. When it comes time each year, please support your neighborhood!

Board Members and Support Staff

President: Ben Jaffe
Vice President: Brendan Eitz
Treasurer: Laurie Thomson
Secretary: Kelly Marks

Board Members
Jonathan Meyer
Vivian Menzies
Marc Frieman
Ed Sobon
Pat Lind
Erica Chianelli

Newsletter Editor
Pat Lind

Block Captain Coordinator
Ed Sobon

Mitchell Maling