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This page includes information about HANA, it's committees and governing board. Materials may include group details, contact / feedback forms, meeting agendas, summary notes, internal resources, tools, and more.

Event Planning Committee
Plan, organize, and manage our two signature events: The Annual Summer Picnic and the Old-Fashioned Christmas. Organize other events to bring people in the community together.

Shared Services Committee
Connect HANA neighbors who have needs for services with neighbors and vendors to match those needs. Update and maintain HANA service directory.

Community Relations Committee
Serve as ambassadors of HANA. Leverage partnerships with the Village and think of ways for HANA to participate in community activities. Operate the welcome wagon.

Communications Committee
Connect HANA neighbors through simple and shared methods of communication, whether it be the newsletter, Facebook page, email list, website or other social media.

HANA Board
Board meetings occur about 8 times a year usually at the Historical Museum.