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How to edit the public HANA web site

How to edit the public HANA web site:
1. Get access for your Google account (gmail address) for the HANA site
2. Go to http://sites.google.com and log in using your Google account if not already logged in. 
3. Click on the link called "HANA - Historic Arlington Neighborhood Association"
4. There will be a white rectangular bar across the top of your your browser window
5. In the upper right are buttons. Hover your mouse over them to see what each one does. They include "Edit page", "New Page", "More", and "Share" for sharing options.
6. Navigate to the page on the site you wish to edit (while in the mode with the white bar along the top) and click "Edit" on the page you want to make changes to.
7. Make Edits, then Click "Save", or "Cancel" to discard your edits. The Save and Edit buttons are also located in the upper right.
8. These changes are immediately visible publicly on the web site after saved.