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Meeting Notes 09.04.12

HANA Minutes – September Board Meeting

Date: 9/04/2012
Time: 7:00 p.m. - 8:30pm
Location: Arlington Heights Historical Society
In attendance: Vivian Menzies, Ed Sobon, Pat Lind, Laurie Thomson, Jonathan Meyer, Erica Chianelli, Mike Kalway, Michael Weber, Brendan Eitz

Minutes Approved from last meeting

Discussed Old Fashioned Christmas

Michael Weber:

- Michael has historically been involved
- he gets permits from village
- Jim and Becky’s is the horse and carriage company used in the past
- Hamm’s home for Santa - Don Tinley was Santa and said he would do it again. Candy canes.
- Open house families
- Michael does not coordinate the baked goods
- a lot has been last minute in the past
- he gets all the Luminares
- ask for Luminares volunteers at your house, 1200 bags
- usually 12-15 people
- he makes maps for delivery, showing homes, he has a list

Mike Kalway says there are 5 elements to this:

- decorating the park
- baked goods
- the greens sale
- open houses: soliciting them, organizing floral donations
- then the actual event that Michael organizes.


- Gets sorted at a person’s house
- need time to help load into cars
- need to send out the form in the newsletters and also have an online form

Carriage rides

- tickets need to be organized, it’s a job, there is a word doc Michael has that is a ticket you can print off


- can be organized by someone

Bon fire in the park or somewhere near the event

Decorating the park
- Week after thanksgiving
- bottles of scotch to drink while doing that to entice people to voluneer

- newsletter reiteration
- web site page
- “arm twisting” for Luminare help

- Sunday December 9th, 5-8pm.

Possible change of location
- Vivian to find out if Historical Society would be interested in doing OFC with HANA. Should know within week.
- Use south side of HANA, memorial park. Use the museum building for people to congregate, have crafts / snacks, Santa can be there. Society said the room would be available.
- Unclear how the carriage rides would work: shorter route, where to pickup / dropoff?
- rides have been $10 per person in the past. ~180 last time. It is somewhat breakeven on cost.
- Weather is unpredictable. Had to cancel in 2011.

- Wreath “greens” ordering
- North Woods company in the past. http://www.northwoodswreaths.com
- they provided a few hundred flyers
- Orders were due Nov 1st
- Ask for volunteers on the front page of Newsletter
- Mike said we were able to get a 5-7% discount if you do a certain amount
- Jonathan to coordinate the greens
- They will give 100-140 flyers
- connect with Chris Barnes for background info if needed

Treasurer report
- began with $8,570.42, ended with $6,422.09.
- $600 on the picnic
- $782 on the insurance General Liability policy
- Laurie to send the policy to the board
- $546 income from the Frontier Days festival

Web Site:
- Discussed pros / cons of self-managed vs outsourced managed landing page

- Google Site option: Jonathan transferred the existing site to it and began updating it. Jonathan to work on getting Paypal payment info on it. Laurie provided bank account routing and account number for Paypal setup.

- Managed landing page: Metro Alive is a company that does this. All updates are handled by them. Costs about $500 per year. Very low maintenance option, could be good fit for the board.

- Board decided to continue exploring both options. Test the new Google Site version and see how it goes while also looking into more details on a managed page option. Consider both as future options.

- Vivan to work on Newsletter with Pat
- Newsletter to go out as soon as possible.

Make a Difference day

- 27th of October. Food drive at the shelter that HANA has participated in the last few years. Voluneering requires standing in the park, Bigby’s would help again because Mike knows people there. Also Planet Smoothie would be an option.

- Drop off point at Festival Park
- Erica to write press release for Daily Herald

Old Business
- Block Captains: some slots still need to be filled as per the empty spots on the Google Docs sheet.

- Ads
- Price $80/4 newsletter issues
- Advertiser interest from: Planet Smoothie, Walter Sheldon, Mike Kalway


Future board meeting dates for 2012 (update web site and Facebook with these new meeting dates):
- 10/2/12
- 11/7/12