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Meeting Notes 10-02-12

HANA Minutes – October Board Meeting

Date: 10/02/2012
Time: 7:00 p.m. - 8:30pm
Location: Arlington Heights Historical Society
In attendance: Vivian Menzies, Ed Sobon, Pat Lind, Laurie Thomson, Jonathan Meyer, Erica Chianelli, Michael Weber

Minutes Approved from last meeting

Treasurer’s Report - no updates

Make A Difference Day
  • Saturday 10/27 at Festival Park
  • Erica to send press release to Laurie for Daily Herald
  • cause is for “Shelter Inc.”, donate items
  • Biggby Coffee will donate coffee for the collection day
  • there is a sign available to hang up at the park and at the Euclid / Dunton intersection

  • Need to fill open 6 or so block captain block positions
  • make sure the blocks around the Old Fashioned Christmas get the newsletter so they are aware of the event.
  • October newsletter going out ASAP, in the coming days
  • Jonathan: put the newsletter on the website so it has a URL (Pat to email newsletter file to Jonathan)
  • For the 2nd Fall newsletter:
    • more final details on the Old Fashioned Christmas
    • Big push to pay dues
    • Final call for Horse / Carriage rides, include a carriage ride order form
    • Include the additional new advertisers, more pages.

Email / Facebook
  • Email subject to be something like “HANA Fall 2012 Updates”
  • CC the historical society so they know we included information about the restoration class in our materials
  • Include the following bullet points (in this order) - Jonathan to do email / website, Mike to do Facebook posts.
    • Date / info for Make A Difference Day donations
    • Deadline date for making greens orders
    • Link to volunteer form for the Old Fashioned Christmas
    • Information about the Historic Center Class on home restoration
    • Link to the newsletter, not as an attachment but as a page on the web site.

  • Jonathan to check with Northwoods if there’s a pay-ahead discount and look into getting it.
  • Michael Weber paid his Greens order and yearly dues during the meeting. Laurie took all the money and the dues form, Jonathan took the greens order form.
  • Plan to have tarps for covering the delivered greens between delivery on 11/14 and the pickup time at 10am-12pm on Saturday 11/17.
  • Plan to have signs labeling the piles so that pickup is most efficient
  • Give all money received to Laurie, mark orders forms as “PAID” as money given to Laurie.

Old Fashioned Christmas (OFC)
  • Discussed the new horse / carriage route around the Historical Museum. Final route TBD pending reply from village on what streets are available
  • Carriage rides ticket price: keeping at $10 per ticket, same as last year
  • Cost for Horse / Carriage through Jim & Becky’s company is $1,050 + tip and any extra time.
  • Michael handles extra cash, lets HANA know later for tip, candles, sand, bags, etc.
  • Include Jim & Becky’s cards at the OFC event, put a link to their business on the web site to give them recognition.
  • Michael is all set
  • Still working to get Volunteers: getting word out via Newsletter, Facebook, Email, tinyurl.com/hana-xmas
  • Plan to have small signs at Festival Park saying that the event is being held at the Historical Museum area this year.
  • Still plan to decorate the Festival Park area if desired. If we decorate gazebo, then we need to buy a certain amount more of greens through the sale.
  • Want to have luminaries at the 4 corners of the Memorial Park in addition to all the others Michael will be placing
    • Need a volunteer house to stage all the luminaries at.
  • Santa: Michael said he is good to go
    • Hamm’s are good to go
  • Kids Crafts: Laurie / Erica have it covered
  • People will donate old-fashioned themed Christmas decorations for use in the historical museum buildings
  • Board to talk up the event with neighbors, this event tends to get strong word of mouth interest.
  • All the setup is done in the morning of the OFC event on Sunday December 9.
  • Consider lighted bags runway from Euclid to Chestnut
  • Horse Carriage Rides coordination
    • Jonathan to organize ticket orders, ride scheduling, and ticket delivery
    • Michael W. to send Jonathan the word document used the past for the tickets
    • Limited tickets available, give a deadline to buy tickets by
    • How many tickets in the past? Around 100-180, really depends on the year
    • Estimated $1680 in revenue
    • Next newsletter, include the carriage ride order form
    • Let the Historical Society have an email or order forms so they can offer carriage rides to their members. Process will be: they submit the forms / money just like everyone else.

Old Business
- Jonathan: update the Block Captains list to separate out the block numbers and add column for # of newsletters needed. - DONE

Next Meeting - Wednesday, November 7, 2012