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​HANA Residents are the Heart of the Neighborhood!

It's the people who live here that make HANA such a great place.  Your involvement in HANA matters. When you become a supporting HANA member, you join a large network of neighbors that share the common goals of building our community, spreading civic engagement, and preserving the character and welfare of our neighborhood. HANA needs you, and there are many different ways that you can help.

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Become a Supporting Member

As a resident of HANA, you’re automatically included in the neighborhood association and receive benefits such as our paper newsletter delivered to your door, our digital e-newsletter as well as email updates, and access to HANA events.

HANA depends on its supporting members to make our neighborhood such a great place to live. We ask residents to become supporting members by paying dues once a year that go towards covering our operating costs (such as general liability insurance required for our events, newsletter printing and administrative fees) and funding HANA activities (including supplies, rentals, and entertainment related costs).  

Household dues for HANA are $20 a year. While all residents have access to our events, being a supporting member is required to purchase tickets for select activities, such as the winter horse-drawn carriage rides in the neighborhood.

To pay or renew your supporting membership please complete the online HANA membership application and supply payment. You can pay or renew your membership with check or cash at the secure HANA dropbox (located at 212 West Fremont St).

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There are a number of opportunities to help in HANA while having fun alongside your neighbors.

You choose the time commitment that works best for you and the activities that best match your interests.



Donate Goods

Image of Make A Difference Day Donations with HANA Residents

We are a community of “Neighbors Helping Neighbors!”

HANA supports a number of local organizations that help those in need within our greater community, such as the Wheeling Food Pantry and Shelter, Inc., with donations of food, clothing, and other goods. HANA collects donations from residents at certain events such as Make-A-Difference Day, but also regularly notifies the community of items that are in need at the local food pantry. Additional opportunities exist to donate items to HANA for some HANA events, such as the Old-Fashioned Christmas Celebration or Summer Picnic in Festival Park.

Are you interested in donating? Let us know!